Do you suffer from chronic headaches?

You may have a condition called Chronic Migraine. Fill in this simple screening tool to help find out.
1. How many days in the past month did you spend without ANY headache pain of any kind (headache-free days)? day(s)
2. How many days in the past month did you spend with headache/migraine pain? (Count ALL days with any headache pain of any kind, even those for which you didn’t feel the need to take any medication or only took an over-the-counter medication.) day(s)
3. Now subtract the answer from Question 1 from 31 and note that number here: day(s)
4. In question 2 or 3, did you enter 15 or more?
5. Did any of your headaches/migraines last more than 4 hours if you didn’t treat them?
6. Have you ever been diagnosed as having chronic headaches (including chronic tension-type or chronic sinus headaches)?
7. Have you ever been diagnosed as having migraines?
8. Do your headaches/migraines impact your daily life?
9. Rate the impact of your headaches/migraines on your daily life:
Mild Severe
10. How many days in the past month have your headaches/migraines severely affected your daily life? day(s)
11. In the past month, did you take anything (including over-the-counter drugs, prescription medication, and herbal remedies) to treat your headaches/migraines?
12. If yes, how many days in the past month did you take something to treat your headaches/migraines? day(s)
13. Please list what you took:

How to find treatment options that are right for you.
Make an appointment to review this screening tool with your doctor and discuss what you can do about your headaches/migraines.

Understanding Migraine vs. Headache Days

What are headache days?
Counting headache days is not the same as counting attacks.
- For example, you may have a headache that starts on Monday and doesn’t go away until Wednesday; this would be one attack but three headache days.
Remember to provide your doctor with an accurate number of all of the days you had headache pain of any kind.

Are migraine days the same as headache days?
If you experience any combination of the following symptoms, your headache may be a migraine:
- Constant, throbbing pain on one or both sides of your head
- Sensitivity to light and sound
- Nausea and/or vomiting
- Headaches that get worse with movement (you may want to lie down)

Whether your headache is a migraine or not, it still counts as a headache day.

What if the headache goes away after I take medicine?
Days that you treated/resolved your headache/migraine with either over the counter or prescription medication still count as headache days.

For more information about treatment options or to find a doctor who treats headaches, visit:

1. Headache Classification Subcommittee of the International Headache Society. The International Classification of Headache Disorders: 2nd edition. Cephalalgia. 2004;24(suppl 1):9-160.

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